Contemporary Jewelry Collections

Diamonds Don't Mean Rhinestones

Do you need a new best friend? Actually diamonds never argue or sulk, and you always have the last word. Well, the kind of diamonds that deserve their own song are a specialty at Things Finer. Whether you receive your diamond as a gift or just get out there and buy it yourself, nothing is more organic than that little piece of very clean carbon with facets. We always carry a wide selection of Antique, estate and Contemporary mounted stones, rings, eternity bands, earrings, and bracelets. We are happy to remount your stones in gold or platinum, in any look from antique to deco to contemporary. We can also find the perfect stone that meets your exact specifications using our many contacts all over the world, and 60 years of expertise. We can also secure the perfect mounting made or fitted to the Stone's dimensions for a wearable form of elegant self-expression that will suit you for decades to come.

We also believe in the "upgrade" - why not? Your love grows, your aspirations grow, and so too should your stone. Traditionally, the diamond engagement solitaire was a hedge against inflation, war, pestilence, famine - you name it - Scarlet O'Hara didn't have one and she had to eat old radishes and dirt. The tradition was a good plan, as far as it went, but after a few years, we may need to make a bolder statement, and that's where Things Finer can make the transition a breeze. Any size, shape, color, clarity - you should try a few on to see how they look on your hand - our prices are highly competitive, and our workmanship second to none.