Romantic, festive, casual, elegant, classic, colorful, extraordinary Pearls. Nothing is more feminine and flattering at any age. Ropes, collars, woven pearls, antique pearls, enormous south sea pearls, tiny exquisite seed pearls from the 18th century, woven natural pearl sautoirs, Things finer specializes in the most rare and unusual of peals as well as the classics.

Luminous south sea pearls in graceful collars and earrings act as an instant facelift casting light from around the face. Long ropes of pearls take pounds off visually. Pearls are our best friends, flattering us in so many ways. The colors, White, black, pink. grey, green, mauve, bronze and brown-- multi colored, accent hair, skin and eyes.

There is no single piece of jewelry the is so wearable, so flattering, and so versatile as the right pearl necklace for you. Come in for a consultation and see the potential of the perfect peals to be your personal statement of style and beauty.