Purchasers of Fine Jewelry and Decorative Items

We purchase any and every era of fine jewelry, silver, crystal, and home
furnishings. With 25 years experience, and independent appraisals available, Things Finer is happy to acquire your family treasures at a fair price, turning them into someone else's cherished possessions. You may find you no longer enjoy an item, or it simply may not fit into your lifestyle, or you may have a need for additional funds, rather than some lovely items you aren't using. Whatever the reason, locating a trusted firm to handle the timely and discreet conversion of these
possesions into cash needn't be a problem. We purchase single items, entire estates, and everything in between.

1. So that we may ascertain exactly what you are interested in selling, a photo would be extremely helpful. Additionally, a photo of any hallmarks, signature, marks, or stamps, will speed up the process tremendously. If a photo is difficult, most jewelry can be photocopied, showing exact size and image, at a local copy shop.

2. Include measurements, weights, previous appraisal information or receipts, and other descriptive material.

3. If you have a price in mind, please let us know.

4. Should you wish to send us the piece, ship it to us via insured mail or UPS.

5. Should we wish to buy the piece or pieces and agree upon a price, we will send you a check directly.

6. Should you have items for our consideration, Contact Us